Flumserberg Winter Experience

Embrace crisp mountain air, carve through powder-coated slopes, and relish breathtaking vistas. A symphony of winter joy awaits—thrills, serenity, and unforgettable moments in the heart of the Swiss Alps!

Feel The Alpine Adventure

Winter in Flumserberg is enchanting! Crisp mountain air, powdery snow-capped peaks, and the thrill of skiing down pristine slopes. Cozy chalets, hot cocoa by the fireplace, and breathtaking alpine vistas. Every snowflake tells a story, creating a magical tapestry of winter wonder. From exhilarating runs to tranquil walks, Flumserberg’s charm captivates. Embrace the serenity, embrace the adventure—winter in Flumserberg is a symphony of nature’s beauty.

Snow Report And Weather


Ski-Fun Local Ski School

Discover the joy of skiing with Ski-fun our local school near Zurich! Highly recommended for Flumserberg adventures. Expert instructors, stunning slopes, and unforgettable alpine experiences await you. Join us for a winter thrill in the Swiss wonderland! 🏔️⛷️ #Skiing #Flumserberg #WinterFun